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Recently renovated, the "domus" represents perfectly the style of ancient Rome, that was "caput mundi" at first as capital of Roman Empire, then center of Christianity, cradle of Renessaince culture and finally capital of Italy. Today, Rome is - after a period of decadence - a big metropoly that hosts people from all over the world.

The atmosphere you breath at Saxa Rubra Bed & Breakfast is very suggestive, full of charming details that give a sense of poetry.

Everything is done to make guests feeling hosted in the name of the "sacred hospitality" typical of latin-greek habit. The "domus" is structured on two levels. The works that the lady of the house and her family did resulted to be very long because they wanted to take care of every detail of the house using particular and high-quality materials often difficult to find. This is the reason why their enthusiasm grew more and more while putting every particular object or piece of furniture at the right place. Every detail was chosen on purpose.

Everything was thought with the aim of creating not only a comfortable place but also a biologically healthy background. For this reason they chose a special flooring of hand-made bricks that give a psico-physical harmony. It is prepared with pure potter clay worked by hand, dried and put into oven in accordance with the ancient artisan-way of Orvieto kilns. Anyway, the pride of the house is wood. The excellent architectural workmanship in wood manufacture gave the house a refined style. The ceilings were completely reconstructed with chestnut wood girders as well as the beautiful mansard. Doors and kitchen were also constructed with chestnut blocks by a highly skilled carpenter from Abbruzzo.

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