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Useful Links

- E.N.I.T. - Italian Government Torist Board
Browse the section dedicated to Rome to get useful info for your journey into the Capital

- A.T.A.C. - Roman Public Transport Agency
Find the info you need to move throughout the City of Rome in the English version site

- - Official Site of the Imperial Forums
Information about Imperial Forums of Rome, such as history or daily life in ancient Rome, enjoyed also through virtual tour.

- Trenitalia - Part of Italian Railways (Ferrovie dello Stato)
If you want to come to Rome or other destinations in Italy by train you can book your seat or just gather news about timetables.

- Parco Regionale Appia Antica - Official Site
Learn everything about the Appia Antica regional suburban park is a protected area to enjoy for its beauty and historic, artistic and natural heritage.


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